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The Leeds Personal Training Studio That Guarantees You’ll Achieve

We all want to see progress in ourselves, be it physical, mental, spiritual, anything. For the physical changes, we’ve got you covered.

PT-Health guarantees you’ll see and feel the changes you want – without ‘magic’ diet-pills, fad-exercises and empty promises. Its simple: work with your PT Health Personal Trainer for 3 months and if you‘re not happy with what you achieve, we’ll give you every penny of your investment back.

We believe when you invest in something you should expect a return – and your health and fitness should be no different.

Experienced Personal Trainers

We’ve been helping our Personal Training clients in Leeds consistently get results since 2007.

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Motivational Group Class Training

Get the encouragement and motivation you need to progress toward your goals with our small group training classes.

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Eliminate Pain & Boost Energy

If you suffer from chronic back, shoulder or knee pain, low energy, poor sleep or nutrition – we can help you.

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Our client testimonials


Lost 6.1kg, 4.7% body-fat, 17cm from waist in three months

“After speaking to Cheryl, she made me realise that the way I thought about food and my attitude towards exercise was wrong. I knew I wouldn't be able to change it without the support of Cheryl.

I’ve gained confidence, I’ve learned about the right foods and I’ve lost weight. I like that I pretty much have 24/7 support and that the sessions fit in well with my job and home life.  If you are ready to change then this is the way forward!”

Our client testimonials


"I’ve been training with Ross now for around 8 or 9 months. Although I tried to keep active and have trained in gyms for over 10 years, I had gradually managed to accumulate around a stone of unwanted weight and was finding it very difficult to keep motivated and consistent enough to get rid of it. Ross stripped it back and took me back to basics. It was almost like having to forget everything I thought I knew about training! Through Ross’ strength, power and conditioning programmes, not only am I leaner, I am also stronger- managing to hit a personal best on the back squat, which I just couldn’t do without fear of injury prior to starting with PT Health. The goal now is to kick on and keep improving."

Our client testimonials


Lost 10kg, 5.4% body-fat & 10cm from waist in 3 months!

“After more than 25 years in cycle racing, I decided I needed six months or so of respite from training and competition. Eight years, a road accident and 2 operations later, I was 4 stone heavier than my ‘racing weight’ and I had given up. I’d lost all hope of ever enjoying riding a bike again. After trying, I thought, everything, I decided on a final roll of the dice with PT Health; and it’s been a revelation.

After 3 months, I’ve lost over two stone. I feel more alert, stronger and fitter than I have done for years. Thanks to PT-Health’s guidance, I finally feel that I can once again look forward to a fit, healthy and very active life. I can’t wait. I’m already out on my bike enjoying much tougher rides than the challenging route that I set as my 6 month target!”

Our client testimonials


Lost 28cm, 2% body-fat and nearly 5kg in first month

“I have a busy life. The best part of 4 hours a day commuting, a family, a social life. I do try to eat properly and keep fit but in the last year I have let this slide, not done enough and have piled on the pounds. My first month with PT Health has 'reset' many of my bad habits with great results. I lost 28cm, 2% body fat and nearly 5kg in my first month.

I have committed to a routine and diarised 2 PT sessions a week on the days when I was least likely to be away for work. I have followed the diet plans, cut out processed foods, white carbs and gone organic (for the whole family). I have virtually given up dairy (except for milk in tea & coffee), massively reduced my alcohol consumption and discovered that cabbage is a great substitute for rice & pasta.

In short I have listened to Cheryl & Ross, stuck to the plan and been surprised how much I have enjoyed it!”

Our client testimonials


Lost 4.5kg and 14cm from her waist

I signed up to PT Health in March 2020. I have tried all sorts of diets and gimmicks over the last few years and have seen little to no change in myself.

PT-Health is different and their approach to losing weight and changing your body is something I haven't tried before.

They teach you to change little things at a time and work on changing habits and mind sets first and foremost. Small steps to accomplish big gains. I find it really useful as I am learning more about myself and new techniques to help me get there.

My coach is fantastic! Daily interaction whether that is via messaging, my app, feedback or during online zoom sessions. He is always there and available when I need extra support.

I'm looking forward to working with PT-Health throughout my journey and would highly recommend my coach and PT-Health to everyone who is finding weight loss a struggle.

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