Mowing The Lawn While The House Is On Fire

Here we’re going to discuss a very simple concept.

It can be described in a lot of different ways but essentially it’s focusing on the small things before addressing the big things. Or the best way I’ve heard it described is from Precision Nutrition “Mowing the lawn while the house is on fire”. I like that a lot.


If we apply this to nutrition, it’s when people ask how much protein they should eat at each meal or what the best strategy for intermittent fasting is or which supplement is the best. In reality, for most of us, none of this should come into consideration. Before you worry about how much protein, carbohydrates and fat you should be eating at every meal or which supplements to take, sort the big things first.


I can guarantee the majority of people aren’t doing those two things yet. Only then should you focus on the finer details.

If you’re not there yet, don’t sweat the small stuff.


Let’s apply the same concept to exercise…

Trying to find the super exercise that will get rid of your bingo wings or give you a slimmer stomach, buying the newest fad piece of equipment or wanting to emphasise working one of the bicep muscles; it’s unnecessary.

Forget all that and start actually going to the gym or exercising regularly for a couple of years first.

Part of the problem comes from wanting to have the magic formula. Wanting the perfect plan and the perfect time to start. The secret pill or the secret exercise that will change everything. ‘If I live exactly as I do now but just take this special supplement, I’ll finally feel good in a bikini or I’ll finally have a ripped six pack.’ It doesn’t work like that. You’re mowing the lawn while the house is on fire.

Forget the lawn. Put the fire out. Fix the house. Then sort the lawn.