No BS Guide To Motivating Yourself

Here’s a very brief, very general guide on what you need to do and what you need to think about before starting any new health regime.

It doesn’t just apply to health. You can apply these same ideas to any aspect of life you want to improve.

The First Question

Before starting out on a new quest for health you should ask yourself one thing… Is this a dream or a goal?

If it’s a dream, it’s something you fantasise about but will never happen. You say you’ll do something, don’t write it down, don’t set a deadline and don’t track it.

A goal is something you write down, create a plan for and work hard to achieve.

The Myth Of Discipline

To borrow an idea from Charles Poliquin, a famous strength coach, there’s no such thing as discipline.

The idea you have to be well disciplined to stay healthy long term is rubbish. Discipline doesn’t last for 10 years. Heck, it barely lasts a month.

To make changes that last forever, discipline can’t play a part.

It’s a simple matter of what you love more.

Love is a much bigger driving force than discipline and it lasts a lot longer.

Which do you love more… A flat stomach or doughnuts?

If you love doughnuts more, you can’t have a flat stomach. If you love a flat stomach more, you can’t have doughnuts.

The KISS Principle

Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Being healthy and achieving what you want to achieve in the gym isn’t as complicated as people think. It can be complicated if you want, but it doesn’t have to be.

Keep everything as simple as you can and you’re much more likely to succeed.

The person who works out once a week to get stronger and sticks to it for 5 years becomes ten times the person who plans to workout three times a week, takes 4 different supplements and changes everything he eats but only manages to stick to it for 3 months before his discipline runs out.

Keep It Simple, Stupid

What You Need To Do

  1. Decide on your goal
  2. Write it down
  3. List what you have to start doing
  4. List what you have to stop doing
  5. Decide which list you love more
  6. Create a simple plan
  7. Do it