Six Pack - Step One

Before you take your first step of going to the gym or researching the best six-pack program to use, you’ve got a decision to make…

What you decide will dictate whether you bother taking that first step.

You have to decide which you love more… having a six-pack or eating biscuits? Having a six pack or drinking alcohol at the weekend? Having a six-pack or eating a wrap for lunch?

If you love the former more, then you can save yourself some very valuable time and energy by not taking that first step. From a purely aesthetic point of view, the best you can hope for is a solid looking two-pack (the top two). There are other reasons for wanting a six-pack other than looking mint with your top off. The most important of which is function. Whoever you are, you’d much rather have a core that functions as it should over a dysfunctional one. A dysfunctional core leads to the immediate problem of instability which may show up as back, knee, shoulder, hip problems straight away or 10 years from now. If you’ve ever had back pain which wasn’t the result of a huge impact such as a car crash, your dysfunctional core will have played a very big role in helping you get in to that pain. However, how your core works is for another time.

So, to make your love choice, you have to be aware of everything you need to avoid and why. The reason why is the same across the board, these things have the potential to cause you to bloat. If you’re bloated, your six-pack goes in to hiding. If you keep eating the things that cause you to bloat, your six-pack will go in to hibernation and start being surrounded by unwanted fat regardless of the work you do in the gym. The only way to get it out of hibernation and back on show is to stop eating the stuff that’s bloating you.

These are the things you should be avoiding:

Once you’ve got your head around what changes you’d require, you’re then better placed to make that decision…

Which do you love more?