Why Has Online Training Blossomed Post-Lockdown?

Coffee Shop Contemplations

I have a bit of down time now and as is my way, whenever I get a moment to sip the glorious life fuel that is coffee, the mind wanders.

With the coffee shop populated, and the Yorkshire rain in full swing, some semblance of normality has returned to the world. Which led me to think about Online training, which started for us as a way to keep our community thriving through lockdown- but has since taken legs of its own. 

So why has online training blossomed post- lockdown, when originally most thought of it as a means to an end? And it dawned on me, that for reasons that have nothing to do with Covid and lockdown- for a lot of people, the gym was not part of the norm. 

For those that stopped going to the gym due to Covid, once the lockdown lifted, the old routine could restart. Especially with us running a private PT studio, it was very easy for us to adhere to social distancing and keep the place clean and tidy- whereas a lot of big chain gyms would have faced a large change and a lot of shifting to meet guidelines.

But what about people who have been put off the gym for other reasons?

I’ll go, but I’m too out of shape, I’m not confident enough right now...

I’ll go, when things at work calm down and I have a little more time 

I’ll go, when there’s a gym nearby...

It’s easy for those obstacles to stretch on indefinitely, stifling progress before it begins. 

Enter Online Training! 

While PT-Health provides a private studio that is ideal for those who don’t feel confident tackling a big box gym, the truth is some people won’t feel comfortable making those first steps through the door. (You should- it’s awesome and we got your back but I know it’s easier said)

And while PT-Health is in central Leeds, easily accessible as it’s near a train station- it is, unfortunately, still limited by the physical laws of the world, and as such is not accessible to EVERYONE.

Online training, however, eliminates these variables. It brings you personalised workouts designed specifically for you and your goals, whenever you can fit them in. 

Are you a night owl and hit your workout at 3am? Go for it!

Are you shy, and would only nip to the gym when the cleaner is doing the last rounds to try to squeeze in a workout when it’s dead quiet? No more! We have you covered.

But perhaps the most under- appreciated values of online training is the support from your coach. Too often, a PT session ends when your session ends. You see your trainer once per week, and in that session you trouble shoot and plan- but then for the next 6 days, you’re on your own. 

Not with online training! We have put support systems in place so you have support and accountability whenever you need it. A systematic approach to nutrition that will get your results without having to give up all of the things you enjoy. Sustainable change!

Ask Nima Majidzadeh, who has lost over 3 stone through online coaching, or his wife Jane who is closing in on 2 stone. 

Or Megan Moore who is down to a size 10, and has beaten all of her running PB’s! 

Or Vanessa Tweedie, who has become one of our best advertisements due to her transformation, but who’s biggest transformation has been with her mindset and approach to her health and fitness.

Anyway, enough humble bragging. If any of those reasons for procrastinating sound familiar, drop us a message to find out more about how we can get you to your goals for life.

Ok I’m done, sorry this was a long musing and if it makes you feel better my coffee is now luke warm at best. If you made it this far, Bravo!