Why Personal Training?

The majority of gym-goers don’t have a personal trainer.

Just like having your own personal chef, it isn’t essential but you’d always be better off having one.

With food, nearly everyone falls in to one of these three categories-

  1. People that can cook well and enjoy doing it
  2. People who can cook but only do it because they have to
  3. People who can’t cook and don’t enjoy doing it.

Category One

These people can cook very well and enjoy spending time doing it. They enjoy learning new recipes and tweaking current ones to make them taste better. Most importantly, they’re willing to put the time in to improve their skill.

For these people, having their own personal chef wouldn’t be necessary.

If they were really committed to improving themselves, they could hire their own personal chef for a short time purely with the intention of learning new recipes and new methods from a professional.

The same applies for Personal Training. Those who spend their time reading up on health and exercise and create their own programs based on what they want to achieve will be least in need of having a personal trainer.

They may hire someone to learn from or tweak a few things however, generally speaking, this isn’t a necessity.

Category Two

The majority of people will fall into this category. People who can prepare meals but don’t necessarily enjoy doing it. They do it because they have to.

For me, I’m in this category. I don’t consider myself a ‘cook’ of any sort but I can certainly ‘make dinner’.

These people would be much better off having their own chef.

For category two exercise people, those who exercise because they have to, are the ones most at risk to injure themselves whilst in the gym.

They read a little bit about exercise and may even get a ready made program from the internet. The problems come when their form can cause more harm than good and they start exercising muscles that are already strong (read this article on muscle imbalances for more info).

Category two people will benefit 100% from having a personal trainer. They’ll learn how to exercise without getting injured, how to manage their own health in the future and, most importantly, they’ll get the result they wanted, whether it be weight loss, muscle gain, rehabbing an injury or a combination of these.

Category Three

For people who can’t cook and don’t enjoy cooking, they almost certainly need their own personal chef for very obvious reasons.

It’d be dangerous to have these people cook their own meals!

There are a few factors that impact getting a personal trainer a little further such as finance and your level of commitment.


How much should you pay?

As with most things in life, you usually get what you pay for.

A trainer charging £25/hour isn’t going to be as good as one charging £100/hour.

What classes as a good trainer can vary depending on who’s answering the question. Some value knowledge above the end result, some prefer a guy/girl who looks good in the mirror over an expert communicator.

Our definition of a ‘good’ trainer is someone who

  1. Assesses you thoroughly in the beginning
  2. Discovers what you want to change and why you want to change it
  3. Writes a program best suited to fix any issues you have
  4. Gets you to where you want to go as efficiently as possible
  5. Educates you on how to maintain your newfound health once you’ve finished working together.

Turning up for a forty minute session, doing a program made up 10 minutes before and not going through the nutrition and lifestyle factors you need to incorporate outside the gym means you have a terrible trainer.

Level Of Commitment

Another factor you need to consider is how committed you are and your willingness to change.

If you aren’t willing to change anything, you’re wasting the time and money of your trainer and you.

Instead, open up and enjoy the learning process. Enjoy making positive changes and seeing the results. Have an open enough mind to at least test that milk may not be good for you or 

The main reason for investing in a personal trainer is the exact same reason you invest in any sort of coach/mentor/professional, you get the result you want, fast.

- You don’t have to invest in an interior designer but they’d do a better job, they’d do it quicker and they’d know where to source everything.

- You don’t have to invest in an accountant, but you’d be much better off having one managing your finances.

- You don’t have to invest in golf lessons but you’d get much better, much quicker if you did.

Your health is more important than your house, your money and how good you are at golf. If you don’t have your health in check, you’re no good to anyone. Investing in your health now leads to a happier, healthier and longer life.

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P.S. We don’t charge £100/hour.