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How Will We Do It?

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The Online Personal Training Studio That Guarantees You’ll Achieve

We all want to see progress in ourselves, be it physical, mental, spiritual, anything. For the physical changes, we’ve got you covered.

PT-Health guarantees you’ll see and feel the changes you want – without ‘magic’ diet-pills, fad-exercises and empty promises. Its simple: work with your PT-Health Personal Trainer for 3 months and if you‘re not happy with what you achieve, we’ll give you every penny of your investment back.

We believe when you invest in something you should expect a return – and your health and fitness should be no different.

Experienced Personal Trainers

We’ve been helping our Personal Training clients consistently get results since 2007.

No Cookie Cutter Programmes

There will be no ready made programmes. Each of your programmes will be designed specifically for you based on your assessment, your goal and the equipment you have access to.

Everyday Access To Your Trainer

Your trainer will be on hand to help you when you need it. We pride ourselves on the personal service we give to every one of our clients.


A personal training testimonial


Lost 3kg in a month

The nutrition lessons keep you on track and you can work your way though at your own pace.

I found the support of being able to message a PT and receive feedback incredibly important and it would of been a lot different if I had not had that support.

A big thanks to Costas as he messaged with support and helped me tackle problems with solutions - The daily check in on the today page is incredibly helpful to make sure you stick to your habit.

I felt like the last two weeks I could see that all the learning about food, plus learning about making new habits was starting to pay off and that it’s about creating something long term - I now have the the skills for long term change.

A personal training testimonial


Lost over 7kg in 8 weeks

Coaching has helped me to adapt my lifestyle in a sustainable way; and I've been able to develop a much healthier relationship with food by letting go of the all or nothing mentality I have previously found so hard to shake.

Costas’ enthusiasm when I have achieved personal fitness goals shows how much he cares and wants to help, and his daily contact has motivated me to stay on track, remain accountable and not lose focus!

A personal training testimonial


6.1kg (13.5lbs) down in the first two weeks!

I've lost 8.5lbs this week. 13.5 lbs in 2 weeks. Cannot believe it. Feeling great!

I have so much energy! I have just blitzed the kitchen without my wife even prompting me. It’s probably now cleaner than when it was first built.

Eating until I'm full up. Not eating until I feel bloated like I used to do. Probably eating more actually as I am making sure I have breakfast and lunch. Replaced sugary snacks with fruit.

I feel so energised!

A personal training testimonial


"I'm amazed at the programme you've put together"

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate our one to one training sessions on Zoom. I’m amazed at the programme you’ve put together based on the basic equipment I’ve got at home.

I’m even more amazed at how hard you manage to work me with so little equipment. Zoom works really well and I can move my iPad around so you can see/check what I’m doing, and I can see you very clearly when you demonstrate what I have to do.

A personal training testimonial


Lost 10cm from her waist in 8 weeks

I signed up to PT Health in March. I have tried all sorts of diets and gimmicks over the last few years and have seen little to no change in myself.

PT-Health is different and their approach to losing weight and changing your body is something I haven't tried before.

They teach you to change little things at a time and work on changing habits and mind sets first and foremost. Small steps to accomplish big gains. I find it really useful as I am learning more about myself and new techniques to help me get there.

My coach is fantastic! Daily interaction whether that is via messaging, my app, feedback or during online zoom sessions. He is always there and available when I need extra support.

I'm looking forward to working with PT-Health throughout my journey and would highly recommend my coach and PT-Health to everyone who is finding weight loss a struggle.

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During the consultation we’ll discuss what you want to achieve in the months ahead and why that’s important to you. You’ll see the process you’ll go through so you know what to expect from us and what we expect from you. If you’re the right fit for our programme and you think we’re the right people to help you, we’ll show you through your options and we’ll decide on the best programme for you.

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Just Want Nutrition?

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Nutrition has been a minefield of contradictions for decades. Our 12 month Nutrition programme cuts through the BS and gives you the roadmap to long term success.

We teach you what good nutrition looks like, we do it in a way that doesn’t require you to give up everything you love and we give you the habits you need to sustain your transformation for life.

“I know what to do but I have a hard time sticking to it”

Accountability is a huge part of long term success. Anyone can make a change for a couple of weeks, however, one of the keys to making those changes last is a coach who’s been through the process and knows the hurdles you’ll need to jump over.

Knowing what to do is no guarantee for success when it comes to what you put in your body, that’s why your coach will help you every step of the way.

What you get-
1. The holy grail of nutrition do’s and don’ts
2. A daily lesson on the habits key to your success
3. Daily access to your coach
4. Accountability and support throughout the programme
5. An easy to use online platform

This is for you if-
- You’re tired of ‘quick fix’ programmes
- You want long term success
- You’re willing to dedicate 12 months to this process
- You want an expert to hold you accountable

We work together to build new habits that don’t just last until your next holiday, they last a lifetime.

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