Why Have a Personal Trainer?

There is no substitute for professional coaching, support, motivation and experience.

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Set Yourself Up for Long Term Success

A Personal Trainer provides you with three things-

  1. A clear path to take you where you want to go
  2. Knowledge on how to travel down the path most effectively
  3. And most importantly, but extremely undervalued, coaching you on how to get there

You may have number one and two covered; perhaps you’ve started your own path to achieve your goals (maybe through books or online resources) and know exactly how to take your journey. What you may not have is an expert to coach you through the process. Someone to make sure you’re accountable and staying on track, particularly when there is a drop-off in motivation.

It’s the support system behind you that sets you up for long term success. There’ll be no more ‘getting in shape for summer’ because you’ll look and feel great the whole year round.

Our CHEK trained personal trainers assess your posture, how you move, your current nutrition and lifestyle and write a detailed program designed to get you to your goals in the fastest, healthiest and easiest way possible. At PT-Health, we provide the map, the route and the one-to-one guide to get you to the other side.

Eliminate Pain & Improve Your Overall Health

We specialise in improving overall health. If you experience symptoms like:

  • Chronic low back, shoulder or knee pain
  • Low energy levels
  • Poor sleep
  • Poor nutrition habits

We’ll find out exactly why it’s happening and help you fix the cause not the symptom. We won’t give you a quick fix to cover up the pain, only for it to return a week, month, year down the line. Follow the guidelines we give you and you can be pain-free for life.

Case Study

“I had been struggling with many sports injuries that were preventing me from exercising on a regular basis and resulting in a yoyo effect between injury, rest and training. I have attended another gym for many years and worked with various personal trainers, but was having difficulty finding a regime that could not only accommodate my injuries, but one that wasn’t actually making them worse and sometimes adding new ones!

I was impressed with the thoroughness of both the assessment and knowledge of the staff at PT Health and although I was hopeful about the possibilities, I wasn’t sure if my goals could be achieved. I have now been having regular individual PT sessions for 10 months and the results speak for themselves. Many of my injuries have healed and even ones which flare up occasionally because of hyper-mobility, no longer prevent me from doing things.

I am pain free most of the time and can pretty much do what I want without restriction. I have managed to get back to running, which I thought was going to be pretty much impossible.

I have also lost over 7kg in weight and improved my body shape and toning losing several inches and dropping a couple of dress sizes. Needless to say I am very happy with the results, feel fitter and healthier than I have for some time and would definitely recommend the team at PT Health.”

Angela Lavery

Why We Fail To Achieve Our Goals

There are three main reasons people fail to achieve their goals:

  • They don’t stay focused on the target.
  • They have no support.
  • They get bored and quit.

Just imagine how much easier it would be to achieve your goals if training was actually fun and you had a group of people around you all the time to encourage you, challenge you, share your successes with and keep you focused on what you’re working towards.

PT-Health Group Classes tick all the boxes. You’ll workout each week with a small group of dedicated clients and a CHEK personal trainer, take part in regular challenges and competitions to keep you engaged, motivated and progressing toward your goals. You’ll have continued support from those around you and you’ll play a vital role in supporting others. You’ll share your successes, find solutions to your challenges and, most importantly, have fun along the way.

Achieving your goals doesn't have to be a long, boring, lonely slog. There is another way, a better way. Join PT-Health, stay focused, find support, have fun, achieve your goals and enjoy life.

5 Years On and Still 3.5 Stone Lighter, Fitter, Stronger and Leaner

“Seeing myself in some photos at works Christmas party 5 years ago was a real shock. I hadn’t realised just how out of shape and overweight I was. Something had to change!

I started at PT Health at the end of September 2010 and set myself the target to lose a stone by Christmas. By mid-December, thanks to the training sessions and nutritional advise, I had lost 2 stone. After the Christmas break, by mid-February, another stone and a half was gone!

Now, 5 years on and still 3.5 stone lighter, fitter, stronger and leaner than I have been in the last 15 years and feel a totally different person!”

Dan Acton

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